We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated by donating and sharing the project. You guys are the ones who helped make it a success!

A special congratulations to the following giveaway winners:

danandphilshop item:Winner:
Dan and Phil signed blossom postercutie-with-booty (tumblr)
Dan and Phil signed photo poster Auntiem911 (tumblr)
Amazing Phil fox sweater leejean33 (twitter)
Daniel Howell Don’t talk to me longsleeve Wolkenfuehlen (twitter)
Dan and Phil Pixel People T-shirt Citroclipse (twitter)
Dan and Phil pixel backpack Dechartlester (twitter)
Dan and Phil llama hat Panlesters (tumblr)
Dan and Phil Lion hat Satanpml (twitter)
Dan and Phil Whiskers Mug Sartysarty (tumblr)
Dan and Phil pixel mug emilyrees16 (twitter)
Dan and Phil Galaxy stationery set Heyitslulux (twitter)
Community giveaway item:Winner:
Daniel Howell Have the courage to exist flag
Donated by @knlalla twitter and Instagram
wen_dead (Instagram)
‘Blue Dan and Phil shop exclusive Interactive Introverts DVD/Bluray’
Donated by a lovely anonymous donor.
Emilyknowseverything (Instagram)

All of the winners were selected using a spreadsheet and an excel formula to select random winners.

Again, thank you to everyone who donated and shared the project. Everyone getting on board to do something so wonderful really makes it seem like a community event.

There ’s going to be a bit of a break but then it’s all cylinders go for Dans 28th birthday in June. The drive is already open here.

Thanks again,

Giveaway winners (Phils 32nd birthday)
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