Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, and shared Dan’s birthday drive! It wouldn’t have been a success without you!

Huge congratulations to the following winners of our giveaways:

Way To Win #1 item:Winner:
Daniel Howell Don’t Talk To Me hatopiumlester (twitter)
Daniel Howell Internet Support Group mugpsychicmoth (twitter)
Daniel Howell Patches backpackteenagefangirlk (twitter)
Daniel Howell Ugh beaniescoberly1992 (twitter)
#1 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift card (all gift cards are kindly anonymously donated by a phandom member)astudyinfondness (tumblr)
#2 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardKytheWolf (twitter)
#3 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardPrincedxn (tumblr)
#4 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardpolaroidpml (twitter)
Daniel Howell Exist flagsupermurksi (twitter)
Way To Win #2 item:Winner:
Signed copy of DAPGObeth_hazell (twitter)
Bumblebees Are Nice mug (kindly donated by (Instagram)
Original Dan and Phil plushies (kindly anonymously donated by a phandom member)_Philena_ (twitter)
#1 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardshlttydaniel (twitter)
#2 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardsoftphiily (tumblr)
#3 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardcasparhelm (tumblr)
#4 Dan and Phil Shop £25 gift cardjorzuela (tumblr)

All of the winners were chosen by entering the participants’ usernames into a random generator.

A special shout out to all the amazing phandom creators who signed up to commission fanworks in exchange for donations to the drive! Your work and participation is so valued and appreciated. And on that same note, congrats to everyone who was lucky enough to win a fanwork during our livestream with PhandomWatch!

Dan’s birthday drive is still open here so please keep donating and sharing the drive!

Again a huge thank you to everyone who participated in any way during this drive, we sincerely appreciate it.

Giveaway winners (Dan’s 28th birthday)
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