Phandom Gives is a group of Dan and Phil fans inspired to do more good in the world.

It came about due to a conversation about charity work and I thought that we as a fandom could be doing more. I set up Phandom Gives and set a goal of £310 in honour of Phil’s 31st birthday. We blew past that so I quickly set the goal as £1000 and then £2000.

Then Phil tweeted his support and the amount collected rose dramatically to over £4000 in a few hours. As I type this the current total sits around £6000. That is an amazing achievement in just about a week. Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared, it means a lot.

Currently we hold annual birthday drives for Dan and Phil.

Phil’s Birthday Drive: DKMS The current drive details are available on the homepage.

Dan’s Birthday Drive: Mermaids. The current drive is open and the details are available on the homepage.

As always, only donate if you can afford it. If you can’t please share the birthday drives, it is just as important to raise awareness. There’s also other ways to take part from art to gif making to fic writing. Anything you can do helps out!

Our Social Media

Thank you to Psychicmoth (on twitter, tumblr and instragram) for the amazing visuals.

PS. Sorry about the ads on the site but websites are expensive!